Orthodontist in Rochester, NY

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with improving the position, alignment and the straightness of teeth. Although Orthodontics is most common in children, adults are also beginning to take advantage of the benefits of braces. Because of advances in technology and modern techniques for Orthodontics, it is becoming easier to have healthy, straight teeth, no matter your age.

Even though children aged 10 - 14 are the most common candidates for orthodontia (putting braces on teeth to straighten them and correct misalignment), many adults also take advantage of Orthodontics. The length of time for orthodontic treatment varies from patient to patient.

Braces & Other Dental Correction Devices

There have been many improvements to Orthodontics over the years. Today, Orthodontics includes modern braces that are made from natural looking, lightweight materials. This makes the braces easier to wear and makes them less visible. Invisalign® treatment allows for tooth straightening without braces, utilizing removable devices to align the teeth.

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