Don’t Fall for These 4 Common Dental Myths

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There are so many dental myths out there – some are bizarre and far-fetched and some actually make a little sense… but they’re still untrue. We’re here to debunk many of these myths and put you on a better path to healthier teeth and a happier smile.

Here are some of the most common dental myths that we hear about: 

Myth 1: Brushing harder cleans better

We get it. Brushing harder seems more effective on days when you drink multiple cups of coffee in between multiple sugary snacks. But that’s a common mistake that people make when it comes to their dental health. Scrubbing your teeth too hard is not better – it’s worse.

Brushing too hard can cause gums to recede, which is irreversible. Instead, gently massaging each tooth and the surrounding gums is a much more effective approach. Don’t be rushing your brushing, either! Gently brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes each time – that’s the best way to remove plaque and keep a healthy smile!

Myth 2: Flossing isn’t that important

People know they should be flossing but for some reason, they believe it’s more of an option. Flossing is a necessary step to prevent the build-up of bacteria and plaque on your teeth. Even if you’re properly brushing every day, you’re not going to be able to reach every spot in your mouth with your toothbrush.

Neglecting to floss is neglecting to care for your dental health. You should be flossing and rinsing with mouthwash every day in addition to brushing your teeth.

Myth 3: Chewing gum can be a replacement for brushing

Sadly, there are a handful of people who believe this to be true. While there are a few benefits to chewing sugar-free gum, it is absolutely not a replacement for brushing. Whether you’re an avid gum-chewer or not, you need to brush your teeth!

Chewing sugar-free gum increases salivary flow in your mouth, which can help neutralize and wash away bacteria and food particles after eating. Chewing sugar-free gum is also an effective method for combating dry mouth symptoms. Again, this is not an acceptable replacement for brushing and the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing with fluoride and flossing daily.

Myth 4: Teeth whitening damages teeth

There are a few unreliable sources out there that state this to be true. But teeth whitening performed by a dentist is safe and effective. Teeth whitening can enhance your appearance, give you more confidence, and can even lead to improved overall dental health.

Keep in mind that over-the-counter teeth whitening products could contain acidic ingredients that can damage your tooth enamel. It’s much safer to go with a trusted product recommended by your dentist. Our team at Buhite & Buhite, DDS has over 40 years of experience in teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry in Rochester. Learn more about the GLO Science Pro method and improve your smile!

Don’t fall into the trap of believing these dental myths. Make sure you’re brushing (gently!) twice a day for two minutes, flossing, and trusting dental professionals. If you want to learn more about proper dental care, improve your oral health, or talk with our cosmetic and restorative dentistry team at Buhite and Buhite, DDS, give us a call: (585) 342-1323. 

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