Why You Should Visit a Periodontics Expert Once a Year

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You probably already know how important it is to visit your dentist twice a year, but an annual visit to a periodontics specialist is also a vital part of preventative dental health and wellness. The periodontics team at Buhite & Buhite, DDS is passionate about making preventative care the norm for their Rochester, NY, patients. They know one of the best ways to promote healthy teeth and gums is by using a combination of traditional dentistry and periodontics, and they want to encourage everyone in the area to use their services to take control of their dental destinies. 

Periodontics experts differ from other dentists in that they have additional training in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal, or gum, disease. In fact, periodontists go to school for an additional three years on top of their general dental training. They are qualified to treat people with severe gum problems, intricate dental implant needs, and targeted root issues, which may eventually require scaling and root planing.

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In addition to providing specialized treatments to their patients, periodontists bring something new to the table of preventative dental care. They're able to add to your standard dentist's evaluation of your tooth and gum health by looking deeper into the structure of your teeth. This closer look can help them collaborate with your dentist to create a more customized approach to oral health. The goal of all this is to eliminate unnecessary dental issues in the future by taking a more proactive approach to care today. 

Just one visit a year to a qualified periodontist will give you more information about your oral health than you ever thought possible, and that information might just help you avoid the pain and destruction of periodontal disease and gum erosion. To find out more about the world of periodontics, visit Buhite and Buhite, DDS online or call the dental practice at (585) 342-1323 now.

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