Our Dental Hygienists

Each of our dental hygienists, Suzanne, Josh, Kathy, and Janet, is a dental hygiene specialist. They each have at least an associate degree (which requires at least 2 years of dental hygiene training) and a license from the state of New York which is granted only after a stringent board examination is passed.

Our friendly dental hygienists focus on preventive dentistry, the first line of defense against tooth and gum disease. Our dental hygienists are experienced in all the procedures of dental hygiene, including cleaning, scaling, and deep scaling. They're also skilled in pediatric dentistry (working with children), and give all patients personalized instruction for dental health care at home as well as nutritional counseling.

Our Rochester, NY dental practice emphasizes continuity of dental care, which allows us to become familiar with our patients' dental and health history and give them the "custom-made" attention they need. Each of our skilled hygienists plays a crucial role in this process. Additionally to make your dental hygiene experience as pleasurable and comfortable as possible our dental hygienists are able to apply local anesthetic for the extra sensitive areas.