To Our Patients Regarding COVID-19:

The dental office of Buhite & Buhite is now open for all dental procedures. Please phone us at 585-342-1323 to schedule an appointment. 

Notice for Frontier customers: please be aware that on occasion, Frontier callers may receive a busy signal when attempting to reach our office using their home phones. Please try using your cell phone if this occurs. Thanks!


Carefully read the following information regarding new policies to optimize your safety. Additional material will be available on our Facebook page and website to keep you apprised of new information as it becomes available. The risks of COVID-19 are still not completely understood. There is controversy among the experts on how the virus can spread, so the risk of exposure cannot be zero at this time.

We at Buhite & Buhite traditionally have had very high levels of OSHA, CDC and ADA disinfection compliance in place. But going forward, additional precautions have been added in receiving our staff each day and to receiving and treating our patients to greatly diminish potential Corona virus exposure. 

We will start with a limited team in the coming months to ensure everyone’s safety as we implement the new safety protocols.  We will be offering online (ZOOM) DIGITAL CONSULTATIONS whenever convenient for our patients.

Patients should come alone unless another adult is needed for assistance.  Upon arrival, please come to the RECEPTION ROOM DOOR where a STAFF GREETER will take a TOUCHLESS TEMPERATURE and direct your admission.

We at B & B look forward to greeting you soon, and to assist you  as you continue along your path of  Oral  Health.

Robert J. Buhite, Sr., DDS                            Robert J. Buhite II, DDS