Sugar vs. Your Smile

sugar cubes - sugar can have a negative impact on your smile

While sweetened beverages like soda, sweetened teas and energy drinks may be a delicious treat every once in a while, it’s important to acknowledge the harm that these sugary drinks have on your smile.

The bacteria in your mouth get energy from the sugar found in these drinks, but in turn, produce acid which damages the surface of the teeth, causes cavities and further erosion. For your oral health, it is important to reduce consumption of sugary drinks like soda, energy drinks, smoothies, fruit punch, juice or chocolate milk, and substitute them for more healthier choices like water, unsweetened tea, milk, sparkling water or diluted juice.

These healthier drink options have little to no sugar at all, which means the bacteria in your mouth won’t have the chance to make a harmful acid that will damage your teeth.

In fact, not only do these options help to avoid damage, but they actually have added benefits that sugary drinks can’t offer. Water contains fluoride which protects teeth against cavities and milk contains calcium which keeps your teeth strong.

Moving forward, be aware of what drinks contain sugar and which drinks will hinder your dental health. Avoid - or consume in moderation - drinks that have an abundance of sugar. 

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