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How a Healthier, Whiter, and Happier Smile Can Better Your Life

Everyone wants a great smile but not everyone wants to put in the work to achieve a great smile. It doesn’t have to be difficult, and can…  read more →

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COVID-19 Stress, Anxiety, and Teeth Grinding

Thanks to COVID-19, the entire world is dealing with issues unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. This has been a stressful year – for…  read more →

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Gum Disease 101

Often times we only notice the signs of gum disease once the disease has progressed. Typically gum disease is painless which is why it goes…  read more →

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Winter Teeth Care Tips

Oral health is important at any time of the year, however during the winter it is especially important due to the cold climate. A variety of factors…  read more →

Truths About Mouthwash

A standard dental routine includes brushing, flossing and sometimes, rinsing with mouthwash. The importance of brushing and flossing is commonly…  read more →

Questions to Consider When Choosing a Family Dentist

Choosing a dentist may seem like a straightforward task, but when selecting the right dentist for you and your family, it’s important to do your…  read more →

Light Activated Teeth Whitening

What You Need to Know about Light Activated Teeth Whitening

No matter how well you care for your teeth, certain lifestyle choices such as regularly drinking coffee and tea as well as genetic factors can have an…  read more →